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Looking for Open Swims, Lap Swims, Swimming lessons or Fitness Classes? We’ve got you covered.

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Swimming is an excellent way to get the exercise you need while having fun.  It tones the entire body while providing an excellent cardiovascular workout.  It strengthens your heart muscle while improving the delivery of oxygen to the muscles of the body.

Enrolling in New World Fitness’s Swim Lesson Program will not only help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, and learn a new skill, but it can be a way to socialize and hopefully help you to develop a love for the aquatic world.

Swimming Lessons

New world Fitness offers various swimming lesson plans to children and adults of all ages with certified instructors.  Inquire using our contact form below, or by phone or email.


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Our way of life

Measuring 65′ x15′, the pool at New World Fitness, is a warm water (approx. 86 degrees) shallow water pool (4′ deep) and is available to all members while providing the safety of a National Certified Lifeguard at all times of operation.

Join New World Fitness and our variety of aquatic related activities.  Whether it’s exercise, swim lessons, open swims, lap swims, family swims, hydro rider sessions, or Aquatic Therapy, we have something for everyone.  

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