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Reap the rewards of a Certified Personal Trainer.  At New World Fitness your health and wellness is our main priority.   We are committed to upholding the highest standards in Fitness Certifications.

A Personal approach

 A good personal trainer can put the “personal” back into your workout. Programs and schedules are designed specifically for you, whether 1-on-1 or in a group setting. Trainers are also required to be CanFit Pro Certified. They will motivate you, ensure that you are performing your exercises using correct form and modify your program as needed.

Have you been affected by a personal injury? With years of experience dealing with Wellness clients and Insurance Companies, we are qualified to assist you.

Made for you


Fitness Programs, Technique and Conditioning.


Motivational, Engaging and Flexible Trainers.


Lifestyle and Personal Coaching catered to your needs and goals.

Aquatic Personal Training

Aquatic personal training is a great opportunity for those who are limited in their mobility and who may not be comfortable in group settings. It is especially helpful for those with severe arthritis, knee and hip replacements, injuries and disabilities.

Programs are designed to suit the individual’s specific needs

The benefits are many.  The viscosity if the water provides an excellent source of resistance. This allows for muscle strengthening without the need of weights. Using resistance couples with the buoyancy of the water allows a person to strengthen muscle groups with decreased joint stress that cannot be experienced on land.


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